Assembly Instructions

1) Remove Your Celebrity Cardboard Cutout from its outer sleeve.

Make sure that you’ve cleared a space which is free of clutter and large enough for stress-free construction!

2) Remove the inner packaging.

To avoid any marks or damage to your new cutout, make sure that the floor space is clean and free of debris.

3) Layout your cardboard cutout on the floor, face down.

Unfold the top and bottom sections of the cutout so it becomes full length.

4) Unfold the vertical stand that runs along the middle of the cutout.

This allows the cutout to stand upright.

5) Secure the stand in place by slotting the semi-circular disks into place along the spine of the cutout

6) Voilà! Your Celebrity Cardboard cutout is ready for action!

Add to any party, wedding, night out, charity event or awards ceremony for an unforgettable night.

Cutout Setup
Mini Setup