Ian Bohen Cardboard Cutout


Do you have a favourite celebrity? We're sure you do! Ever wanted to meet them or have your picture taken with them but just don't move in the same circles? Well now you can! With our high quality lifesize and mini cutouts, meeting your role model or idol has never been more straight forward or convenient. All our cutouts are free standing and come complete with a rear strut. They are made of heavy duty corrugated cardboard and printed using professionally taken images. They fold down for easy transportation and stand as tall as the real thing! Our miniature cutouts are desk sized and stand approx 60cm in height.

  • Made from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard
  • Attached stand on the back
  • Free-standing

*Our cutouts are lifesize up to a maximum height of 6' 3" (190.5cm) which is as large as we can produce. Taller Celebrities are reduced to this height. Mini's stand approximately 2' (60.5cm) high x 8.25" (21cm) maximum width. Both are printed in amazing high definition.

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Ian Bohen Cardboard Cutout

Our high quality celebrity cardboard cutouts are well crafted and incredibly popular amongst fans, collectors and party planners. Printed on heavy duty corrugated cardboard, you'll never have to worry that it won't be up to your very specific needs. They fold down for easy transportation and getting them free-standing takes less than a moment. We offer two distinct options which are the lifesize, which accurately represents the celebrity in question's real life height (to the best of our abilities and up to a limit of 6ft 3in) and the Mini variant, which is a handy desk sized recreation which stands at approx 60cm tall.
All our items are printed and produced in house using a secret and long held technique learned from our forefathers. Our raw materials are of the highest quality and we strive to ensure all of our catalogue meets the same high bar we set ourselves.
Add personality and quirk to any get together! These are particularly popular with Weddings, Anniversaries, Stag/Hen parties and birthdays but don't let us tell you how to have a good time! Our jet-setting celebrities really do mimic the real thing and can be delivered almost anywhere in the world. So why not take the plunge for yourself and give these poor homeless figures a place to crash and a purpose in life.